Ad Agency Reduces Errors with Ad-ID

An advertising agency located on the west coast of the United States has been using Ad-ID since 2006 to track thousands of broadcast assets annually. The agency’s director of traffic and ad operations provided feedback on their experience with Ad-ID:

Q: How does using Ad-ID help your agency and clients?

A: More than anything, the biggest benefit is that it’s a uniform coding system. With ISCI codes — the old standard — it was a bit of the wild west. You would sort of choose any combination of eight alphanumeric characters with some restrictions, and off you went. With Ad-ID, the code is a specific, unique identifier for that one commercial. So, we can determine that one specific spot should play in a specific market. We may create over 150 variations of a specific spot, with market tags and incentive tags and all manner of offers, so Ad-ID certainly helps to manage that situation, especially in terms of the volume that we’re dealing with.

Q: How do you incorporate the Ad-ID code and data into other systems?

A: We have a link established between our fulfillment house, which also handles our talent payment, and Ad-ID. They access the Ad-ID database, so they’re linked and the metadata in Ad-ID mirrors what their database reads.

Q: Do you feel Ad-ID saves you and your clients time?

A: It’s hard to give specific numbers, but in terms of savings it’s probably hundreds if not thousands of hours a year. In terms of data entry, just keying in codes, creating specific codes — we’re saving a lot of money if you equate time to money. It all translates into dollars in the end.

When you think of the volume of codes that we’re creating, there’s a lot of room for error. But the way we currently have it set up, the more we can automate those repetitive, detail-oriented tasks — the fewer times we’re transposing things, the better. And the fewer errors we have means the fewer times we have to go back, recode, reslate something, resend it, and then deal with any ramifications to a media buy that we now have to make something good or add some added value somewhere else. So, there is certainly a huge amount of time that is saved. We’ve been able to get away from coding errors…it’s been a long time since we’ve had any real issues with coding errors, whereas in the past, that happened quite frequently.

Q: How has Ad-ID changed in the decade-plus that you’ve been using it?

A: I will say that over time, it has certainly evolved. The initial offering was a little rigid and I think that some agencies were reticent to switch over because it didn’t exactly fit with their workflow. But in the 10 or so years that I’ve been dealing with it, it’s certainly evolved and grown and I do appreciate the fact that they were open to suggestion and to working with agencies to make sure Ad-ID was something that worked for everyone involved.