“Once we start working on any kind of asset, it gets an Ad-ID that we can follow all the way through, including reporting back after it airs or is released.”
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“We see the benefit as removing that layer of human data entry and the potential for error. By automating and reducing human intervention and risk of error, you feel safe and secure knowing the data has been entered one time and that, as it’s pushed through different avenues, it remains correct and accurate.”
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“In terms of savings it’s probably hundreds if not thousands of hours a year. In terms of data entry, we’re saving a lot of money if you equate time to money. It all translates into dollars in the end.”
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“Ad-ID API web services is big for us. Having Ad-ID communicate directly with our project management software is a huge time saver.”
"You'd be crazy not to use Ad-ID, I trust Ad-ID and my clients trust me."
"Ad-ID is key to capitalize on the many opportunities being created from the technological advancements throughout the media industry."
“Ad-ID has been a solid partner of our firm for years. We develop and maintain asset management systems for corporations, and have successfully interfaced with Ad-ID’s API with solid performance, reliability, and efficiency. In the instances where we needed support, they were most certainly accessible and responsive!”
“The Mediaocean export feature in Ad-ID is a godsend! We create about 500 Ad-ID codes per month for our local market buys and having the ability to export a file from Ad-ID that can be uploaded into Mediaocean literally saves us days’ worth of work rekeying info.”
"Although my initial reaction of working with Ad-ID was guarded optimism, my daily experience has brought a profound respect for this system and its application to diverse aspects within the advertising field. Today's technology dictates the necessity of a digital web of information, and Ad-ID affords that conclusion by linking the various departments."