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Commercial Definition

Do I have to re-slate all commercials that I may use past March 31, 2014 that I have already produced?

As long as the commercial is not edited or changed in any manner that makes it a "new" commercial under the contract, it may never need to be reslated. Nonetheless, it would be a good policy to do so. Reslating with an Ad-ID will help the JPC further the Clearinghouse Initiative that will create digital signatures all media silos in which commercials are broadcast. This is an integral step to developing the GRP model for talent payments.

Is union work in mobile apps covered by the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)?

Only if the produced creative can be classified as a "commercial" under the collective bargaining agreement.  While the odds are that apps are not covered, it would have to be determined on a case by case basis.

Does the agreement make any distinction about "Direct Response" commercials?

This depends upon the nature of the production. If a direct response offer is produced as an infomercial, sometimes called a long-form commercial, it is not covered by the collective bargaining agreement. On the other hand, if a direct response offer is made in, e.g., a :30 format and aired on television, it would be a covered commercial.  The best policy is to use Ad-ID on all assets to be certain reports that do need to be filed will be free from errors.

Do we need to use Ad-ID for ads containing union talent which are running outside of the United States?

If you are paying any of the actors union rates, e.g., a celebrity in an overscale contract or payment of the foreign use rates in the collective bargaining agreements, you must use Ad-ID.

How does this requirement impact ad units specifically made for internet?

Video ads created specifically for the Internet which use union talent must be registered with Ad-ID. There will be joint education developed by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, Ad-ID, and the JPC in the coming months in this regard.