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The use of Ad-ID requires a registered prefix and the purchase of codes.


A prefix is a 4 character identifier registered to a company and used at the beginning of each Ad-ID code. Prefixes may be either locked or unlocked.

Prefix: $0

Locked Prefixes/Accounts: Locked prefixes and accounts can only be used for the advertiser to which they are licensed. Annual costs for an individual locked account will not exceed $25,000.

Unlocked Prefixes/Accounts: Unlocked prefixes and accounts can be licensed to agents (ad agencies, distribution companies, production companies, etc.) and used for multiple advertisers that do not have a locked prefix. Unlike locked accounts, annual costs for an individual unlocked account can exceed $25,000.


In order to create codes, users must purchase credits. One credit = one dollar, in a direct equivalency. Remaining credits unused after a 12-month period will roll over to the subsequent 12-month period.*

Purchases can be made directly on our system using a purchase order or a credit card. Payment terms for all invoices are net 30. Companies may request alternative payment terms, which Ad-ID must agree to in writing prior to making a purchase. Payment terms do not apply to those paying online by credit card.

Rates for Locked Accounts

The pricing for locked accounts is implemented based on annual account spend for one account during a 12 month period.  The 12 month period begins on the date the account is created and ends on the account anniversary date, at which point the price per code will reset to the pricing at the $0-$18,000 level.

Costs for an individual locked account will not exceed $25,000 per 12 month period.  After the maximum dollar amount has been reached on a locked account, codes are free until the anniversary date.

Annual Account Spend

Display Creative Price Per Code

All Other Media Types Price Per Code

$0-$18,000    $5 $30
$18,001-$25,000 $5 $5
$25,000+ $0 $0


  • User with a locked account has not accrued any expenses on their account since their last account anniversary and wants to purchase 650 non-Display Creative codes: total cost = $18,250
    • 600 codes at $30 each = $18,000
    • 50 codes at $5 each = $250
  • User with a locked account that has created 450 non-Display Creative codes during the account usage period and wants to purchase 200 more non-Display Creative codes: total cost = $4,750
    • Already created 450 codes at $30 each = $13,500
    • Additional 150 codes at $30 each = $4,500
    • Additional 50 codes at $5 each = $250

Rates for Unlocked Accounts

Unlocked accounts have a flat pricing structure, regardless of account spend and do not qualify for the annual maximum amount of $25,000.

Display Creative Price Per Code

All Other Media Types Price Per Code

$5 $30


  • New user with an unlocked account purchases 40 codes: total cost = $1,200
    • $1,200 for 40 codes (40 codes at $30 each)

Rates for 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Accounts:

Codes are provided at no cost ($0 per code) through Ad-ID’s 501 (c)(3) program.**


Purchases can be made

*An account will be considered inactive if there is no activity for a 24 month period, including an absence of deposits or withdrawals to the account. Inactive accounts will be closed and any remaining credits will expire and be removed at that time. At no time are expired credits refunded to the account owner.

**Advertiser must provide a copy of their IRS determination letter confirming the company's 501(c)(3) status.

Ad-ID reserves the right to change fees at any time with 60 days notice.