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How It Works

Ad-ID is the industry standard for identifying advertising assets (broadcast, print and digital) across all media platforms. Similar to the UPC code of the packaged goods industry, the Ad-ID system generates a unique identifying code for each advertising asset digitally, and applies that code to all media. Using Ad-ID greatly improves communications between agency, advertiser, media and their associated vendors.

A Problem Solved

Ad-ID fixes an age old industry problem: the uncertain and error prone link between what the advertiser ordered and what actually goes on air. It also removes the need for excessive human intervention and provides an enormous benefit thanks to accuracy, speed and cost savings.

This ability to eliminate errors, labor intensive workarounds and other problems caused by other asset identification systems means that Ad-ID has an ROI of at least 60 percent for the industry and can save the entire industry anywhere between one and three billion dollars over a decade.

To learn more, see The Benefits of Ad-ID.


"Improving measurement will facilitate marketing decision-making and improve the overall marketing ecosystem."

Measurement of ad success is an inexact science. Progress is being made to make it more precise and we are moving to brand specific and cross-platform data to measure the effectiveness of an ad. But, the progress is blocked by an inability to identify and deal with each ad separately and accurately. Ad-ID changes the game. The billions invested do not have to be held prisoner to old antiquated measurement schemes. The boards of directors of both the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A's) have unanimously endorsed Ad-ID as the industry standard for web-based universal coding for digital assets to eliminate the guess work and avoid confusion.