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Greetings from EIDR

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Hi, it’s Will Kreth, the new executive director of EIDR (the Entertainment Identifier Registry).

I’d like to share a few words about EIDR and Ad-ID. Since 2010, EIDR (pronounced “eye-der”) has sought to connect the global digital content supply chain more efficiently to reduce costs and create new business models to drive revenue.

As a nonprofit industry consortium, EIDR develops and manages an API-accessible registry of global ID numbers for all movie and TV content. Based on ISO’s Digital Object Identifier standard, EIDR is analogous to ISBNs for books and UPC codes for CPG, creating a unique serial number for content identification, delivery, and measurement. In addition to the major U.S. film studios, EIDR’s international membership includes Google, Netflix, Comcast, Amazon, Microsoft, ITV, and Studio Canal+.

We’ve been working with Ad-ID for several years, and as Ad-ID has grown, so have we. Now at 1.5 million unique content records, EIDR is a driver of metadata supply-chain automation in the media and entertainment industry. In 2018, we’ll be working more closely with Ad-ID (through the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement) to partner on tests of new technologies for audience measurement. Together we’ll move expeditiously toward our shared goals of open standards, ubiquity, and automation.

Will Kreth
Executive Director