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People on the Move:
Harold Geller Promoted to Executive Director of Ad-ID

Harold Geller was promoted from chief growth officer to executive director at Ad-ID, the industry standard for the registration of advertising assets across all media platforms. Ad-ID is a joint venture of the 4As and the Association of National Advertisers. Read More >>>

                     Who Doesn't Want to Save Time?

Debbie Douglas is a busy woman. As broadcast traffic manager at The Martin Agency, Douglas spends part of her day assigning identification codes to the thousands of ads the agency produces annually. It's just a smaller part of her day than it used to be. "Ad-ID is extremely easy to use," she says. "It gets the job done and saves a lot of time. Who doesn't want to save time?" Read More >>>

Reflections on 10 Years at Ad-ID:
Pitchforks, Torches, and Death Threats

When I first started as SVP of cross-industry workflow at the 4A's in 2007, spending half my time on Ad-ID, I was sure of one thing: one day Ad-ID would be my full-time job. I believed that there was a need for a centralized registration authority for ads, just like UPC for consumer packaged goods, ISBN for books, and ISRC for music. It was a matter of time, attention, and focus. Read More >>>

AD-ID Now Offers URN to Boost Ad Effectiveness

If a publisher wants information to be available regardless of the location, then the second subdivision within URIs, Uniform Resource Names (URNs), should be used. URNs are persistent location-independent resource identifiers. Many agencies and advertisers use this identifier when placing ads on the internet. Now, Ad-ID is pleased to offer URNs, providing another option that can be used by applications and systems for the carriage of an identifier. Read More >>>

Advertising Workflows and Audience Measurement

As technology advances, it is important that the advertising industry begin to standardize ad workflows to allow for more accurate audience measurement. At the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance Smart Content Summit East, a panel focused on the idea that standardization in the advertising industry happens in layers. Read More >>>



Did you know?


When creating multiple codes, can you create a mixture of different media types, such as some radio and some TV?

There is incorrect billing information on the invoice I received from Ad-ID. How do I fix that?

If I have different sizes of a digital banner ad, do I need to create an Ad-ID code for each size?

Two More Companies Approved for CEA

Ad-ID is proud to announce that two new companies, TagStation LLC and Yangaroo, have recently been approved for Complete External Access (CEA). Yangaroo is the developer of the Digital Media Distribution System (DMDS), which allows audio and video files to be distributed, managed and monetized. TagStation cloud-based data services integrate station programming into the NextRadio app, HD radio and today's connected car. TagStation is a source of radio usage and listener behavior on mobile devices. Read More >>>



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