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Ad-ID Strategic Alliances

Ad-ID has created alliances with a number of industry organizations (listed below), eliminating the need to rekey advertising information.  These alliances help achieve advertising interoperability, in which advertising systems work together providing additional benefits to users.

 Adobe’s Creative Cloud uses interactive metadata panels developed by Ad-ID. This allows for the embedding and reading of Ad-ID digital ad slate metadata in a variety of file formats using the Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP). The open XMP standard allows metadata to travel across different file formats and systems. Adobe has partnered with Ad-ID as part of its ongoing support of system interoperability to solve customer problems. You can download the XMP flash panel for Adobe Creative Cloud here.

 Adstream is a global advertising technology and services provider, helping brands and agencies to manage the creation, optimization, storage and delivery of content. The Adstream platform is the first all-in-one digital asset management (DAM), ad delivery, and workflow solution to be connected to broadcasters, publishers and online services, enabling seamless workflows, talent management and unparalleled advertising and marketing transparency.

Apago Inc. develops software solutions that create, modify and optimize electronic files for print, Internet and digital media. Apago has developed software that embeds Ad-ID metadata into a variety of file formats using Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP), improving workflow efficiency and reducing error rates by automating repetitive processes.

Comcast Technology Solutions powers advertising distribution and management processes. Integration of Ad Delivery with Ad-ID, allows users to retrieve spot metadata from the Ad-ID registry promoting best practices, increasing efficiency and ensuring that accurate metadata is delivered to stations and networks.

 Crystal’s unique AdConnect software delivers full Ad-ID metadata linked with the associated frame accurate ad break signaling from playout origination intact to all distribution platforms. This ensures that all downstream advertising partners can take full advantage of the Ad-ID codes and data for the linear ad load, allowing for better ad decisioning and conformance to ad campaign rules.

Digital Confidence provides software for hidden data removal, data leakage prevention (DLP) and metadata management. Digital Confidence has integrated support for the Ad-ID Digital Ad Slate for XMP into their MetadataTouch™ tool, allowing users to view and import Ad-ID metadata into all supported file formats. Future versions of MetadataTouch will support automatic integration with the Ad-ID system. To download instructions on how to use MetadataTouch™ tool with Ad-ID, click here.

Encompass is a global technology services company focused on supporting broadcast and cable networks, digital leaders and sports leagues with the delivery of their linear and non-linear video content across television and digital platforms. Through comprehensive, end-to-end video solutions, Encompass designs, implements and operates reliable video solutions that capture, process and deliver clients’ video content from any source, in any format, to any destination in the most efficient way possible. Encompass originates 850+ channels which includes capturing, processing and delivering over 25,000 hours of premium content per day from its eight facilities across four continents. Encompass has partnered with Ad-ID to integrate efficient media solutions to existing client practices.

ECN provides commercial traffic, distribution and compliance services for 90 of the nation's top 100 advertisers and many more.   Agencies create commercial instructions using ECN’s xml traffic website and connect directly to Ad-ID to retrieve commercial records from the Ad-ID registry, eliminating re-keying and human error.  ECN delivers over 10,000 commercial instructions daily received through its xml traffic website and the major media buying systems, and is automating commercial scheduling through xml traffic delivery. Extreme Reach is a leading provider of cross-media video advertising solutions that span TV and digital video. The Extreme Reach platform integrates directly with the Ad-ID system to automatically import Ad-ID codes and other metadata, preventing errors and saving time. This document summarizes how the Extreme Reach integration with Ad-ID can significantly improve efficiency.

Imagine Communications is one of the leading suppliers of fully integrated information processing systems for advertising and media buying communities, providing media software and networking solutions to media, broadcast, service provider, government and enterprise customers. Through integration with Ad-ID, Imagine Communications users can now export data directly out of the Ad-ID system without the need to manually re-enter data into Imagine Communications systems. Help documents are available here.

isd performs media audits and benchmarks to help advertisers oversee their agency relationships and measure the correlation between media dollars spent and the actual level of media received. isd has implemented Ad-ID into the existing media, transactional and reporting workflows of advertisers and their agencies to better identify, track and measure advertising investments throughout the media lifecycle.

Media Monitors gives producers of creative the ability to upload radio and TV spots and metadata to its servers providing a link  to help insure spots run as desired by clients and talent. Participants and subscribers can track their radio and TV spots verifying that they ran properly.

Mediaocean is the leading software platform provider for the marketing world. Its open traditional and digital media platforms empower businesses and professionals across the global marketing ecosystem with intelligent automation, efficiency, and flexibility in their workflow. Mediaocean users can now export data out of Ad-ID into Mediaocean without the need to manually re-enter data into Mediaocean’s Spectra. Help documents are available for Spectra DS and Spectra OX uploads.

Metaglue makes tools that enhance digital media workflows with user metadata. These work with the Ad-ID digital slate to allow users to test, preview and create Ad-ID compliant material. The company’s MXFixer™ tool comes bundled with scripts for creating and testing Ad-ID-aware MXF files and queries the Ad-ID database directly to build the digital slate without re-keying. To download instructions on how to use MXFixer with Ad-ID, click here.

Nielsen is an information and measurement company that measures and monitors what consumers watch and buy on a global and local basis. Nielsen and Ad-ID are collaborating to bring to market an efficient automated identification process that efficiently links ad campaigns with creative assets.


RADCO media helps companies integrate existing production or media management solutions with the Ad-ID system. RADCO allows companies to maintain their existing systems while giving them access to the added benefits of Ad-ID.

RSG Media uses data science to transform content, advertising, and promo inventories for media and entertainment companies. AdVant is a suite of yield optimization modules that significantly lowers liabilities, while generating new ad revenues for cable & broadcast networks. RightsLogic, is an end-to-end content life cycle management solution  supporting the acquisition, production, licensing, planning, scheduling and financials around content management. Media Mantra optimizes cable and broadcast networks promo inventories by using proprietary, machine-learning algorithms to increase reach and convert more viewers using less inventory. RSG Media's Big Knowledge decodes audience behavior for radical insights, building competitive programming and hyper targeted advertising. RSG Media has long supported industry standards like EIDR & SMPTE that aim to uniquely identify content across the supply chain, ease integration, and enhance downstream reporting capabilities. By partnering with the Ad-ID community, as a software provider, we hope to continue this work, aiding the advertising community in the standardization of the advertising supply chain. RSG Media’s products are available on-premise and as software-as-a-service (SaaS). RSG Media is headquartered in New York with offices in London and India.

Samba TV is a leading provider of audience powered advertising and analytics across all platforms. Founded in 2008, the company’s patented technology extracts viewership insights from social media, set-top boxes and connected devices. Hundreds of brands rely on Samba TV to connect their brand messages from television to digital devices, and understand the consumer journey from awareness-driving TV commercials to ultimate consumption of a product. Samba TV utilizes Ad-ID to ensure accurate and consistent metadata in our industry leading analytics solutions. For more information, follow @samba_tv on Twitter or Instagram.

SpotGenie provides digital media services to the advertising, entertainment and broadcast industries. SpotGenie has integrated their ad management and delivery program with the Ad-ID platform, removing the possibility of duplicate codes.

Spottraffic has been providing broadcast advertising asset management and distribution since 1977 and traffics over 200,000 spots per year. Spottraffic simplifies digital delivery processes and, through integration with Ad-ID, eliminates code and title errors.

Telestream provides live and on-demand digital video tools and workflow solutions, including Telestream Switch, a media player that allows professionals to play, inspect and correct files. Switch now extracts and fully displays the Ad-ID metadata allowing for inspection of the metadata embedded in a file. Telestream’s Vantage TrafficManager automates the way TV stations move and manage advertisements and content. With Ad-ID integration, TrafficManager will utilize Ad-ID metadata, implementing it into Vantage’s existing MXF application and metadata support.

Tylie is a broadcast advertising management and distribution company. The company’s 100% digital platform creates seamless communication and collaboration throughout the workflow and is now integrated with Ad-ID. The company’s tools – Tylie Spot Transfer and Tylie Viewpoint – assess the Ad-ID database, eliminating the possibility of code duplication while maintaining the integrity of the metadata.

Watchwith allows broadcasters and cable networks to create and manage mobile, web, social and first-screen TV experiences that deliver timed content, commerce and advertising to the viewer. Ad-ID integration makes it possible for advertisers that utilize Ad-ID to easily manage and traffic creative assets to broadcast and cable network customers.

Yangaroo is the developer of the Digital Media Distribution System (DMDS), which allows audio and video files to be distributed, managed and monetized. Integration with Ad-ID allows content owners and distributors to synchronize asset metadata either as part of the media upload or during the order/trafficking process.