Ad-ID Improves Accuracy

The Richards Group is a branding and full-service advertising agency based in Dallas, Texas. It is the largest independently owned agency in the United States.

The Richards Group has been an Ad-ID customer since 2005 and would like to leverage more of Ad-ID’s potential in the agency’s workflow. Jessica Blancovich, Brand Media at The Richards Group, shared her thoughts on Ad-ID:

Q: How does using Ad-ID help The Richards Group and your clients?

A: Ad-ID is the Bible of our agency’s produced assets. We utilize it nearly 100 percent of the time for our clients, assigning Ad-ID codes for all video, audio, and even social content. It’s the industry standard and has been for quite some time. When uniquely coding assets, Ad-ID prevents duplication of codes halting potentially costly issues later. Stations and media partners are familiar with, and their systems support, the coding structure of Ad-ID.

It helps keep our clients organized and provides a historical reference. It’s been helpful to us as an agency, when acquiring new clients.  If they’ve been previously using Ad-ID, we have a better sense of knowing what we’re getting, and vice versa. Any time we get a new client and learn they have an Ad-ID account, we get excited.

Q: How do you incorporate the Ad-ID code and data into other systems?

A: Our team is able to upload files from Ad-ID into our internal creative asset and buying systems. I have to be honest — we’re not utilizing Ad-ID to its fullest potential. I do know there are APIs for additional integration opportunities, for distribution partners, ad servers, etc., and we’re constantly pursuing and challenging our partners to integrate. My goal is to use Ad-ID to remove as many human data entry points as possible throughout the lifecycle of an asset.

By automating and reducing human intervention and risk of error, you feel safe and secure knowing the data has been entered one time and that, as it’s pushed through different avenues, it remains accurate.

Q: Is there anything you’d like to add?

A: One question you didn’t ask was about service, and in terms of the service I’ve received from Ad-ID over the years, it’s been above and beyond. The support team at Ad-ID is top notch; they never come across as frustrated with answering my questions multiple times. They also have good information on their site — training webinars and other resources. When we’re setting up clients who may be new to Ad-ID, I always send them to Whenever I do, they’re happy to jump on board.